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BSB Logistics Group acknowledges that these are unprecedented times. All of us are pivoting and adjusting to constantly changing information that affects our families, our jobs, our customers, and communities. What was once our standard greeting – handshakes and sometimes hugs – have been replaced by elbow bumps that are losing their novelty in our family-based culture.

What has not changed is our commitment to keeping our employees, our customers, our partners, and our communities safe. Safety has always been our top priority – we see this as another aspect of what we do every day.

As all responsible corporate citizens, we have equipped our drivers with the tools and protocols needed to operate in a safe environment. Masks, gloves, hand and surface sanitizers are new standard resources in our toolbox. We ensure our people are apprised of the latest information and tactics to reduce the spread of the virus. We have always believed our drivers are essential – now the world is acknowledging that.

Our customer teams have been rapidly modifying processes and services to meet short- and long-term needs to ensure you can serve your customers with confidence and ease stress and uncertainty. As businesses reopen and ramp up, we are by your side to smooth that transition.

We are most grateful for first responders, healthcare workers, grocery clerks, fellow truck drivers, and all those ever day people lightening the load for us as we navigate through these unusual times.

We are in this together –

BSB Logistics Group is here for you

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